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I first became interested in real estate when I was in my late twenties around 1995. I was working for Wal-Mart on my fourth relocation in the management program. I had a family of five, renting my fifth home out of college nine years. I felt like I was wasting money on rent when I could be building equity by owning. 

Fortunately, the market was right to buy and sell at a profit in the mid-nineties. I did very well with the help of a banker VP who became a good friend. I guess I was my own Realtor at the time. I eventually owned five homes including the one I lived in. I know now my instincts were right but I was swimming in water that was “over my head” at the time. I was very fortunate that things went right on most of my deals. I learned a valuable lesson when the one deal did not go well. I wish I had had some expert advice at that time, but I had to take my loss and move on. I have long since moved on from Wal-Mart. 

I have been a Realtor for six years in a very diverse and different market than the nineties, and I am helping my clients swim in those “deep waters,” but with the support of my Weichert team. I am very happy to say we have many lifeguards at Weichert. I am proud to help my clients navigate the “rapids” of buying and selling the biggest investment oftheir lives.